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  • Kisu Kim

    PhDFebruary 2022
    Thesis title: Study of Bidirectional Power Converter Using Improved Series-Capacitor and Its Application
  • Nguyen The Tien

    PhDFebruary 2022
    Thesis title: Switching-cell Structure Based Current Source Inverters With Enhanced Reliability
  • Yooyong Shin

    MSFebruary 2022
    Thesis title : Study on Non-isolated Multichannel LED Driving Method Using Coupled Inductor for Current Balancing
  • Do Duc Tuan

    PhDFebruary 2021
    Thesis title: Switching-Cell Current Source Inverter with Improved Reliability
  • Fazal Akbar

    PhDFebruary 2021
    Thesis title: Design and Analysis of Novel Boost-Derived Inverter Topologies
  • Ubaid Ahmed

    MSAugust 2019
    Thesis title : Integrated Current Balancing Transformer Based Input-Parallel Output-Parallel LLC Resonant Converter Modules
  • Usman Ali Khan

    MSFebruary 2019
    Thesis title: A Family of Highly Reliable Improved Dual-Buck and Dual-Boost Converters
  • Ashraf Ali Khan

    PhDFebruary 2018
    Thesis title: Dual-Buck Power Converters with Enhanced System Reliability and Efficiency
  • Hafiz Furqan Ahmed

    PhDAugust 2017
    Thesis title: Single-Phase Single-Stage PWM AC-AC Converters with Bipolar Voltage Gain and Versatile Modes of Operation
  • Hyemin Kang

    MSFebruary 2017
    Thesis title: Non-Isolated Three-Level Boost Converter with Step-Up Function and Output Voltage Balancing
  • Jongwoo Bae

    MSFebruary 2017
    Thesis title: A Novel Battery Formation Equipment Using Two-Stage Differential Buck Converter
  • Nguyen Chan Viet

    PhDAugust 2022
    Thesis title: Modified Double-Dual-Boost Structure with Common Ground and Low-Side Gate Driving for DC-DC Converter and PFC Rectifier
  • Suhan Kim

    PhDAugust 2016
    Thesis title: A New Isolated Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter With Wide ZVS Range and No Transformer Saturation Problem
  • Zeeshan Aleem

    MSFebruary 2015
    Thesis title : Parallel operation of inverter using trans-Z-source network
  • Junyoung Chae

    MSFebruary 2015
    Thesis title : 2-phase non-inverting buck-boost converter using coupled inductor